York County Beekeepers Association

Extraction with Bob

Who: Bob Williams and SCBA members

What: Bob will be hosting an extraction gathering at his place and is inviting SCBA members to join the fun. To join in, bring your capped honey & containers. Bob plans on having the club extractor, a heated knife and comb along with tarps and rags. Water for cleanup is available in the extraction area. If you missed the club extraction meeting this summer, you missed a great hands-on opportunity to learn the process and see different techniques in action. If you are still kicking yourself over it, well here is another opportunity staring you in the face, so don’t miss it.

Where: 133 Raymond Road, Brunswick. Parking is in the field area to the right of the drive as you enter the drive & also in the drive. Please do not park in the road.

When: Wednesday September 28th at 6pm

How: Send Bob an e-mail (click here) that lets him know you plan on attending. Please include your name, phone number (in the event of any cancellations), and approximate number of supers you wish to extract.

Also: Maybe you don’t have any honey but would love to show up anyway? That’s an excellent idea and there will be opportunities to help, what with decapping and spinning and flipping frames and filling buckets and cleaning…So don’t be shy, opportunities to learn abound!

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