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Monthly meeting for January cancelled

SCBA Beeks,

I hope that you are all keeping well.

Due to the wave of COVID that is sweeping our state and world right now we have opted to cancel next week’s scheduled SCBA meeting (for January 12th, 2022).  We will try to meet in February if the conditions permit, and if not, we will set up a virtual lecture.  Suggested topics are welcomed.

January is a great time to take inventory of your equipment, make repairs, and place an order from your favorite supplier.  This is also a good time of the year to make “lotions and potions” from your hive products.   Last week, I finished making ~8oz propolis tincture.  This week I have been rendering chunks of wax that I collected this summer from my solar melter.  Thanks to the great lecture that Carolyn and Judith provided a few months ago, I bought a single pine tree candle mold and a spool (probably a lifetime supply) of wick to give candle making a try.  I am pleased with my first few candles, and now plan to buy a few more molds so that I can pour several at the same time when the wax pot is full.  I will also be making a batch of skin cream and lip balm from some nice capping wax next week before I clean up all the wax melting equipment on my tool bench.  I tied a few flies while waiting for the wax to melt.  What’s better than the smell of beeswax to remind you of warmer days to come.

Final note: Look for an email soon with ways to pay your annual SCBA dues.


Happy New Year,

Daniel Dolan

President of SCBA


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