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Why Join SCBA?

When it comes to beekeeping local knowledge is everything. Becoming an active member is a great way to get answers to some of the following questions: Are mite loads in your area high? What time of year is the nectar flow? When should winter preparations be complete? Do I need to feed the bees? What are the important nectar sources in my area? How can I help collect nuisance swarms? Where can I buy supplies or local queens? How do I find someone to troubleshoot a problem?

If you’re an experienced beekeeper, perhaps you’re thinking that you aren’t likely to benefit much. But there are at least two reasons to join a local club. First, by helping neighboring beekeepers to improve their practices, you will be lowering the chance of finding mite-vectored diseases in your own apiary. Second, you may enjoy the simple pleasure of taking bees among fellow enthusiasts, particularly in the winter months. 

SCBA has a Google Group where members can post questions and answers. New members are given an invitation to join the group.

Our monthly meetings usually feature a guest speaker. We have a Facebook page  and participate in community events like the Topsham Fair. We have an introductory course through Merrymeeting Adult Education. Our activities are member-driven, and if you’re the type to get involved, SCBA welcomes worker bees.

SCBA has equipment available for rent (such as a honey extractor, hive carrier, portable observation hive, etc), which can help defer beekeeping costs.

How to Join

Our membership year is from January to December. Dues of $5 are paid at the beginning of the year, at a meeting or via snail mail.

To pay using US Mail, click the following link and print the form, then mail it with a check to the address provided on the form.

SCBA Membership Application Form (PDF)

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