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Why Join SCBA?

When it comes to beekeeping local knowledge is everything. Becoming an active member is a great way to get answers to some of the following questions: Are mite loads in your area high? What time of year is the nectar flow? When should winter preparations be complete? Do I need to feed the bees in my region? What are the important nectar sources in my community? Is my region experiencing a dearth? How can I help collect nuisance swarms? Are there any classes available locally to help me get up to speed? Where can I buy supplies or local bees? How do I find someone to troubleshoot a problem I’m having and don’t understand?

If you’re an experienced beekeeper, perhaps you’re thinking to yourself that you have all the answers and aren’t likely to benefit much? Well, there are at least two reasons this is short-sighted thinking. First, if you are a fountain of knowledge and aren’t helping neighboring beekeepers to improve their practices, you might as well invite mites and diseases to your area. Second, you should not underestimate the simple pleasure of some company among fellow enthusiasts, particularly in the winter months when activity in the bee yard slows down. Also, what better way to honor the memory of your own mentors than to carry their spirit forward to another generation?

SCBA has a Google Group which members can post questions and answers to. We meet monthly (as the pandemic allows) and those meetings have a guest speaker. We have a facebook page and a website and are present at community events (as the pandemic allows). Some of our members are helping to train the next generation of beekeepers by reaching into local schools, and we have an introductory course through Merrymeeting Adult Education. Our activities are member-driven, and sometimes more than we wish, but if you’re the type to get involved SCBA welcomes worker bees.

SCBA has equipment available for rental (such as a honey extractor), which can help defer production costs or bail you out of a jam.

Here’s How to Sign Up

US Mail

To use this option,  click the following link and print the form, then mail it with a check to the address provided.

SCBA Membership Application Form (PDF)

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