York County Beekeepers Association


Rick Cooper holding a frame of bees at an Open Hive

The birdbath is a disc of granite which has been hewed out to create a shallow dish. It’s perfect for bee sipping at the waters edge.
(Photo by Georgiana Rock)

Open Hive Meeting in June, 2015 at Two Coves Farm in Harpswell
(Photo by Judith Stanton)

Rick Cooper assessing hives at Two Coves Farm in June 2015
(Photo by Judith Stanton)

This beekeeper discovered a mouse sharing food and shelter with a wintering colony.
(Photo by Judith Stanton)

Honey bees produce bright yellow wax when there’s an abundance of dandelion flowers.
(Photo by Judith Stanton)

Bees gathering around pollen substitute.
(Photo by Judith Stanton)

SCBA Winter Dinner with guest speaker Rick Cooper
(Photo by Holly Spicer)

The Harpswell Swarm that got away!
(Photo by Holly Spicer)

Rick Cooper, Master Beekeeper doing an inspection at the open hive  gathering June 2017

Josh Botting teaching at Merrymeeting Adult Ed
(Photo by Dan Dolan)

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