Sagadahoc County Beekeepers Association

SCBA’s swarm team consists of  local beekeepers who are willing to collect honey bee swarms free of charge in Sagadahoc County,  greater Brunswick and beyond. If you can’t reach anyone in your area, try another in an adjacent town. Most are willing to travel further.

To find a local beekeeper who collects swarms in your area,
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IMPORTANT: please make sure that what you are seeing are honey bees and not wasps or hornets before contacting a beekeeper. A swarm appears as a tight cluster of bees with others drifting in close proximity, and will look similar to those in the photo. Although usually seen hanging off a tree branch or fence, they will occasionally choose other locations. Swarming bees may appear frightening but are actually quite docile as they don’t have a hive to defend at that moment. They will generally hang around for only a few hours to a day before flying away to a new home.

not a honey bee

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